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Whether you've been involved in a traffic accident or need assistance with an auto accident insurance claim, you need to understand that injury law is a serious business. The outcome of your case could affect many aspects of your life that you might not presently be considering, such as your ability to be considered for certain jobs, the impact on your auto insurance policy, and other things as well. If you're dealing with a serious injury in Anchorage, AK, let us provide you with thorough and experienced representation.
Injury law in Anchorage, AK

Personal injury

When it comes to personal injury, there are many important variables involved. Dealing with your insurance company requires a thorough and penetrating commitment to getting the compensation you deserve. We help you to consider all the expenses –past, present and future- that will constitute proper and just reimbursement for your injuries. Consult an attorney experienced in personal injury law today in Anchorage.
Injury law in Anchorage, AK

Wrongful death

We will be sure to handle your wrongful death litigation suit with care and empathy. Contact us in Anchorage to learn more about wrongful death and injury law.

Auto accident law

You can maximize the compensation you receive for your losses resulting from an injury in an Alaska accident by seeking the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney here in Alaska. Injuries can range from neck and back sprains to brain or spinal cord trauma. If you have been injured as the result of the careless or reckless conduct of another you can benefit from the help that is available to you from a lawyer who has successfully helped hundreds of others get the complete and just compensation to which they were entitled.
Walther Law Offices offers extensive experience with regard to obtaining compensation for injuries in many types of accidents including vehicle accidents. Dale Walther has over 30 years of personal injury settlement, mediation, arbitration and trial experience. In the past he has had insurance defense experience as well so he knows first- hand how claims are handled by the insurance companies. He has also retained the services of past judges who have served as mediators to assist in the settlement of numerous cases for his clients. He has also been asked by other attorneys to serve as an arbitrator to evaluate and render judgment on personal injury cases.
The types of accidents handled in the past include all types of motor vehicle accidents, including cases involving airplanes, commercial trucks, forklifts, airport lift trucks, 4-wheelers, ATV, snow machines, boats, snow blowers, motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrian injuries. Cases have involved rear-end accidents, cars failing to yield, rollovers, and many other types of negligence as well as accidents caused by DUI or drunk driving.
Injuries for which compensation have been obtained include soft-tissue as well as more serious and catastrophic injuries and include broken bones, brain or spinal cord trauma, amputation or loss of limb, back and spine injuries, whiplash (flexion extension) injuries as well as recovery for wrongful death.
When you have been injured in an accident it is important to recognize that the insurance company for the responsible party is acting on behalf of the person who has injured you and it is their interest, not yours, that the insurance company is bound to advance. By hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer you will have someone on your side to advance your interests to obtain for you the compensation which you deserve. The lawyer is paid for his time when and only if a recovery is obtained for you.
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